In recent years, India has faced many setbacks, the GDP was falling constantly, Coronavirus Pandemic, People dying in the street due to lack of oxygen. One thing was still intact… and it was human’s faith in God. We Indians worship Gods like no other. This is the reason that Incense sticks are so much in demand.

Talking about India, the product “Incense Stick” is quite famous as Agarbatti. The word Agarbatti is originated from the Sanskrit word Agar means “Aroma” and Vatti means “grief” or “wound”. It means the aroma to heal your wound and grief.

This Incense Stick is now the largest part of the economy and liked by the Gods of various religions. Yncenvis is created to make the world a better place by providing them Incense Sticks at unbeatable price options.

These sticks are long-lasting, scented, and harmless even if we consider nature. Talking about nature, many people believe that the fumes of Agarbatti contain harmful particulates and cause health risks as well. It causes pollution and causes Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Yncenvis have come up with ingredients that minimize air pollution. It helps to build a nation where everyone proud of their religion.

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