Mrs Renu Ranjan-

Mrs Renu Ranjan, is founder of this start-up. She is Masters in Sociology and has more than 15 years experience in business administration.


Dr. Virendra Yadav
Research scientist

Dr. Virendra Yadav is doctorate in Nanosciences, from Central University of Gujarat. He is having 3 years teaching and research experience. He is working on various types of waste materials from last 8 years. He has filed 6 patents, out of which 1 granted. He has also published more than 40 research papers. He is also the Co-founder of this startup.

Dr Samreen Heena Khan
Research Scientist

Dr Samreen Heena Khan, she has done her PhD in nanosciences from Central University of Gujarat. Her research work includes photicatalytic degradation using advanced nanomatrials. Her research interests includes green nanotechnology for environmental applications, photcatalysis, green nanocomposites etc. She has published many research papers in journals of international repute. She has many book chapters in her credits as well. She is currently working as a research scientist with the startup.

Dr. Nisha Choudhary
Research scientist

Dr. Nisha Choudhary (Research Scientist, Exp: 2 years) She is PhD (doctorate) in nanosciences from Central University of Gujarat (2021). She has MPhil and MSC in nanosciences from CUG and GJUST, Hisar, Haryana. She has completed BSC in biotechnology from University of Rajasthan. She has four patents, one design and more than 25 national and international papers. Her area of expertise is waste management,